Hot Air generator - Oil Fired /GAS Fired

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Salient Features

  • Low Maintenance due to robust design.
  • Operating temp. Up to 250° C.
  • Clean & contamination fresh hot air at the outlet.
  • External furnace design with liberal grate area to ensure complete combustion & eliminate clinker formation.
  • High furnace volume, high radiation & convection heating surface area for high thermal efficiency & long life of equipments.
  • Optional air pre heater for increasing the efficiency.
  • Multi dust collector/bag filter option to meet the requirement of pollution control board.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Hot air generator
  • Type:horizontal three pass shell & tube type.
  • Capacity:50.000 kcal/hr. to 6 lack kcal/hr.
  • Temperature:up to 250° C.
  • Fuel:agro waste , solid fuel , lignite , coal etc.
  • Additional:Also direct fired hot air generator can be designed.