Coil type non IBR

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Salient Features

  • Exempted from Boiler Act
  • IBR Formalities not required, certified boiler attendant is not required.
  • Compact in size with Thermal efficiency of 87% ± 1 based on NCV.
  • Instant steam generation within 3 to 5 minutes from cold start.
  • Complete Packaged Boiler with all mountings & accessories with boiler.
  • Preheated air for combustion : optional
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Steam boilers
  • Type:Fully automatic, 4 pass, vertical.
  • Capacity:100 kg/hr to 800 kg/hr ( F & A 100° C )
  • Working Pressure:10.54kg/cm² (g) to 18 kg/m² (g)
  • Fuel:LDO/ HSD/ FO/ LPG / Natural Gas.
  • Efficiency:87% ± 1 based on NCV of fuel.