Electrically operated heating equipment

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Salient Features

  • Thermic fluid can be heated up to about 300° C at near atmospheric pressure in standard units and up to about 370° C in special units.
  • Thermic fluid used in the system, remains in the liquid phase in the entire operating range of the system.
  • Thermic fluid is circulated in a closed loop circuit, imparting heat to the user�s equipment and returns to the unit for heating and circulation again.
  • Thermic fluid�s temperature is kept low preventing oxidation and degradation, expansion due to elevated temperature is taken care of and vapours and gases are liberated preventing cavitations in the pump by the specially designed Expansion Cum Deaerator tank.
  • Thermic fluid consists of nest helical coils housed in a rugged steel shell.
  • The coil allows three flue passes on Coal / oil and has a large Heating surface area to ensure maximum heat transfer.
  • Provided with a forced draft fan for efficient combustion of fuel.
  • Provided with sufficient controls, safety interlocks, indicators etc. in a control panel box.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Fluid heater
  • Type:horizontal /vertical Fully automation coil type.
  • Capacity:50,000 kcal/hr. to 10 lack kcal/hr.
  • Temperature:up to 370° C
  • Suitable fuels:LDO/HSD/FO/LPG/Natural Gas.
  • Thermal efficiency:87% ± 2 based on NCV of fuel
  • Option:imported burner.