Hot water generator - Oil Fired /GAS Fired

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Salient Features

  • EXEMPTED FROM BOILER ACT : hi tech aqua is outside the preview of boiler regulation, hence no yearly shut down, no special boiler room.
  • HIGH THERMAL EFFICIENCY :you can achieve thermal efficiency to the tune of 85%
  • SPACE SAVING : due to its compactness HT - AQUA can be accommodated even on the terrace or basement.
  • LOW OPERATION COST:With its larger heating surface and robust pressure jet burner it achieve complete smokeless combustion, high thermal efficiency and low operating cost. Fully automatic burner consumes fuel when hot water is required. As compared to electrical hot water boiler; the operating cost is very low.
  • NO ECOLOGICAL DISTURBANCE: Keeping in view that the hot water Boiler are installed in thickly populated area, it has been designed to give noiseless and clean operation and maintain ecological balance.
  • TROUBLE FREE OPERATION: With its sturdy built-up high quality components and superior quality workmanship ensures trouble free operation and low maintenance cost.
  • NO EXPLOSION HAZARDS: Due to its low stored energy and maximum safeties incorporated, there are no explosion hazards. In any conditions. HT-AQUA shuts off and gives an alarm.
  • Centralized heating system.
  • Systematic temp.control for individual equipments/tanks.
  • Suitable for hotels, pretreatment for power coating plants & electroplating and for dryers.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Hot water generator
  • Type:horizontal / vertical three pass, coil type.
  • Temperature:max. 90°C non pressurized system.: Max. 180°C in pressurized system.
  • Capacity:50,000 kcal/hr to 10 lac kcal/hr.
  • Efficiency:85% ± 2 on NCV.