Condensate recovery pump system

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Salient Features

  • Energy input is available at doorstep; no adulteration is possible, completely pure fuel.
  • Environment friendly, not generating NOX, SO2, CO, etc.
  • No exhaust, no loss in exhaust, offering highest thermal efficiency.
  • The only down time in case of electric fired system is failure of heaters, this can be sense easily and can be replaced with almost negligible time loss. In case of oil/gas fired system it will take time to know the failure and then to repair it. Annual shut down is must to maintain the efficiency.
  • This is the only heating media which gives guarantee of uniform temp in material to be heated. This is not possible with oil/gas fuel.
  • Though it is not utilizing natural energy like solar, wind, producer gas but it increase system efficiency drastically, so, for small electric heating system like thermic fluid heater, we call it. "Non conventional energy supply."
  • You can derate the electric fired boiler to 10% of rated capacity without sizable efficiency loss, which is not possible with fossils fuel or solid fuel.
  • Easily movable, only water and steam to be changed. Most suitable for RND purpose.
  • No sequence of operation which is in case of fossil fuel like ignition, solenoid operation, flame sensing , ignition cut off etc. Only at the turn of switch the whole system will get operated. This will reduce the down time of boiler drastically.
  • Reciprocating the system demand very easily. Most suitable for fluctuating system demand and rapid heating & cooling cycle.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Steam boilers
  • Type Of Boilers:Smoke tube, wetback packed three pass.
  • Fuel:Solid fuel ( Agro waste , Lignite coal, wood.)
  • Capacities:500kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr from and at 100°c.
  • Pressure:10.54 kg/cm² (g) To 17.5 kg/cm² (g)
  • Thermal Efficiency:76 ± 2 % with heat recovery unit.