Turbo ventilator

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Salient Features

  • Large Heating Surface area.
  • Excellent dryness Fraction.
  • Large water holding capacity with steam chest volume for effective response to fluctuating load.
  • Amazing payback period of boiler compared to liquid / gas fired boilers.
  • Air Pre heater, water pre heater and multi dust collector can be fitted on boilers as a optional accessories.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Steam boilers
  • Type Of Boilers:Smoke tube, wetback packed three pass.
  • Fuel:Solid fuel ( Agro waste , Lignite coal, wood.)
  • Capacities:500kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr from and at 100°c.
  • Pressure:10.54 kg/cm² (g) To 17.5 kg/cm² (g)
  • Thermal Efficiency:76 ± 2 % with heat recovery unit.