Hot water generator - Solid fuel fired

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Salient Features

  • HIGH THERMAL EFFICIENCY :you can achieve thermal efficiency to the tune of 76%
  • TROUBLE FREE OPERATION:With its sturdy built-up high quality components and superior quality workmanship ensures trouble free operation and low maintenance cost.
  • NO EXPLOSION HAZARDS:Due to its low stored energy and maximum safeties incorporated, there are no explosion hazards. In any conditions. �HT-AQUA� shuts off and gives an alarm.
  • Centralized heating system.
  • Systematic temp.control for individual equipments/tanks.
  • Suitable for hotels, pretreated for power coating plants & electric plants.
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    Technical Specifications

  • Category:Hot water generator
  • Type:horizontal, three pass coil type.
  • Temperature:Temperature: max. 90°C non pressurized system.: Max. 180°C in pressurized system.
  • Suitable fuels:Agro west, lignite, coal etc.
  • Capacity:50,000 kcal/hr. to 10 lack kcal/hr.
  • Efficiency:76% ± 2